Aprils group trip to Stanage.

A few photos from the first trip of 2017, back to the gritstone of the Peak District. I shan’t give a running comment on the weekend, except to say that there were high highs and low lows, but I believe we all had fun at one time or another. Enjoy the good memories and I look forward to the camp fire retelling of the hopefully wildly exaggerated stories on future…

Club night at the Hangar

Tonight’s challenge is who can complete all bouldering problems in the Hangar cave. We also have a black route going over the roof for leading. Usual time 7pm.

Climbing tonight

We have been busy in the bouldering room at the weekend. Now we have a fresh selection of routes with a range a bit harder than previous. We have most of the routes making use of the roof at least for hands, a couple of circuits including an easy black with new huge holds. Also a harder blue route for people who want to push themselves. The grade range is…

Froggat- with a side of Climbing Works

Us on the way to setup camp. Saturday was a wash out so we went to our new bad weather venue in Sheffield at The Climbing Works. We love that place. Sunday was blessedly dry for us and we had our fair share of routes and adventures. Some successes and some falls. But all good in the end.  

Bouldering tonight?

Is anyone up for the Nukids comp tonight at Highball? http://highballclimbingnorwich.com/events/competitions/nukids/