This weekend

Oh Pembroke, we shall see you soon. How I missed thee. Unfortunately not everyone is coming which leaves a few maybe wanting to climb at the weekend. If anyone wants to climb locally at the weekend then leave a message here.


I want to start a training plan for anyone who is interested whether that’s technique, strength or mental. Personally I know one of my weak points in comparison to the others is strength. I came across a guide to training this here that’s a bit knarly but interesting.

Unofficial Monday Club night.

Or Club Night Version 2. Monday nights is casual climb night, just like regular Wednesday Club night (TM) but with slightly less people.

Charity Everest Climb

Reposting in case people miss this. So last year we climbed the height of everest in aid of Langdale mountain rescue and to improve our  stamina and endurance. We aim to repeat last year by climbing the height of Everest and get fitter at the same time. How about this year we repeat that again but for a different charity. Someone mentioned Nepal. Usual witty comments appreciated.


This is the Kings Lynn Climbing Club site for people who climb or want to try climbing inside or outside.We have regular climbing trips around Britain and maybe abroad.We have a club night every Wednesday at the Hangar at Lynnsport/Alive Leisure from 7 pm till 10 pm. The Hangar has undergone a fantastic re-paint and is now going through some route setting. At the moment it is still being set but anyone who…


Updated Gallery.