We have the Kings Lynn Climbing Club night every Wednesday from 7pm till 10pm at Alive Lynnsport leisure centre.

I don’t have a harness, helmet etc!

If you don’t have kit to climb with then the sports centre do supply a harness, helmet and a belay device. This only applies for club night. All other times there is a different charge.

But I haven’t done an induction to climb there!

Normally the centre don’t allow people to climb before they have given you an induction.

If this is the case for you then you can either book an induction with Alive Lynnsport (Contact them not us).

OR get booked as a guest with someone you know and are willing to look after you.

OR contact us here and one of us can come meet you at reception if you don’t know how to get to the hangar and book you in as our guest.

But how much is it?

For club night the hangar centre price is the same as any other time for now, check out current prices here, but these may be changing in the future. The club doesn’t take any money, only the sports centre charge for entrance, but as our club grows and develops we may need funding for organised climbing trips, club equipment and events.

But I don’t know anyone!

Not to worry, we are a friendly relaxed bunch of guys and gals who have a lot of fun and welcome anyone.